Patrols – Domestic & Commercial

All of our clients' premises are regularly visited by our qualified staff.

Our patrol cars are on a never ending loop of the area, constantly checking our clients' premises to ensure that while everyone else is at home sleeping their businesses are kept secure. We check that there are no visible signs of break-ins and no suspicious loiterers in the area ensuring that our client's place of business is left secured until the morning.

We even make sure that you locked up before you went home!

If we are responding to an alarm being activated we will remain on site and, if necessary, work with the local authorities and repairers until everything is cleared and secured.

Having us looking out for your premises when you cannot be there will give you peace of mind that everything you've worked hard for is protected.

For all our domestic clients we provide random mobile patrols throughout the night so that while you are away for a short time or a long time you can enjoy yourself knowing that your home is checked on a nightly regular basis.

Cash in Transit Escorts or Staff Escorts

Our experienced staff can collect your banking and deliver it safely to the bank and we can also return with your change requirements.  This service is provided on a daily or weekly basis.

We enforce strict guidelines that give you peace of mind that your hard earned money is delivered to the bank on time every time.

We are also able to provide Armed Guards for cash escort.

We are in the process of becoming Austrac Compliant.

Does your staff work late at night or early hours of the morning.  Burdekin Night Alert can offer staff escorts to / from the safety of their vehicles, which give you peace of mind, that your staff is safe at all times.

Static Guarding

At Burdekin Night Alert we are also able to offer guards to patrol your premises
through out the night.  No job is too small.  We cater for the school environment and or banking environment. If you need a guard we can arrange it.

Event Security

At Burdekin Night Alert we now offer Security for your event.  Our staff are fully trained in the latest skills to deal with any situation that may arise and deal with it swiftly and professionally.

Advise on Alarm & CCTV - Installation, Maintenance & Monitoring

All Burdekin Night Alert security products are equipped with real time 24/7 monitoring. The benefit of this monitoring is simple when compared to local alarm systems that do not have monitoring. Local audible alarms rely on a third party to hear them and then alert the police to a breach of security at your premises.

Many businesses have intermittent patrols visit their premises.

This is all well and good but these patrols can't be there all the time.

The benefit of a remotely monitored alarm system from Burdekin Night Alert is that our monitoring provides viable, 24 hours a day security. If our control room detects an alarm of any kind we will immediately dispatch our trained security personnel to investigate or advise the client.

At Burdekin Night Alert we are able to provide advice on what is best of your business in relation to security system or maintenance or upgrade of your existing systems by one of our trained staff. Whether you are a business or private customer we will provide this service to ensure that the system is functioning properly and that all features are being used to their potential.